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Hi there !
My name is Christian. Born and raised in a small village in the black forest I graduated as a Product Designer from the University of applied sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd. For me Product Design is not just a job like any other. It‘s my attitude to life. I always observe products, colors, trends etc. in my everyday life. As a Product Designer I feel responsible to create products in a simple and efficient way. The User is the center point of the whole design process. I'm really interested in new materials and production techniques and how they can give new possibilities for us as product designers.
Since 3 years I work as a freelance designer to develop new product lines for various customers. You need support in functional Product Design? Let me know and I'll come over to introduce myself to you no matter where you are based.
Scandinavian Influence
Living and studying in Finland in 16/17 changed my connection to nature a lot. More than 100.000 lakes. 16 people per km2 in comparison to 230 per km2 in Germany is a huge difference and gave me a new understanding of the word „Silence“. How many times have you been on a place without hearing anything else than wind for two hours? From a designer point of view I learned a lot about sustainability, „Design for all“ and the methods of being more creative by just doing things more relaxed. Stress is the rival for creativity. Being more relaxed in stress situations helped me already to solve problems more clearly.
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Already while studying I realized that freelancing is my thing. During my time in Schwäbisch Gmünd I worked as a Freelancer for different companies. Otto Hutt for example – a writing instrument company that has a great production line in Germany never had a product designer before. It was a great opportunity for me to help them making three new product lines and a new packaging for an exclusive pen series. Today I have over 3 years of freelance experience and several customers from different product fields.
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Being able to do several internships in modeling such as plastic and metal working before my studies was a great benefit for my technical understanding. During my studies and my time as a product designer I complemented my knowledge about production techniques like injection molding, paper working and 3D Printing.
My time as a Production Manager at THINKS Design, Hamburg was great to gain experience in communicating with asian manufacturers. To keep the  production process cheap and efficient, I always have the production techniques in mind when I develope a new product
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Get in touch
You are looking for a product developer/ product designer that knows how to manufacture? Please give me a call or leave a message. It would be a pleasure for me to help you out.
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